Partial Enteral Nutrition combined with regular diet has not been considered to be effective for inducing remission (Lee D et al). However, it’s current use in combination with anti-inflammatory diets is showing great promise as an effective alternative to induce remission (Sigall-Boneh R et al) (Levine A et al) (Urlep D et al). For maintenance therapy, patients receiving PEN even with regular diet have shown a higher rate of maintaining clinical remission at one year than those not receiving nutritional therapy (Yang H et al). A new clinical trial, BIOPIC (BIOlogics and Partial enteral nutrition), in adults with active ileocolonic Crohn’s disease is evaluating the use of PEN given as fifty percent of calories in combination with biologics. Partial enteral nutrition in combination with diet or medications is a promising nutritional option to help maintain remission.

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