Creation of these tables required extensive review and revision to reach this published state. As it is tricky to compare the dietary therapies given their various stages of use, please be sure to read the introduction and notes on this page relative to each of the diets, as the comments provided here help to clarify terms of comparison and important considerations from these dietary researchers. Many find these tables to be very useful in navigating the similarities and differences among available therapeutic diets and we believe you will too.

Food Table

The Food Table provides a detailed comparison of the various therapeutic diets with information about which foods are allowed, restricted, or excluded. It can be viewed organized by similarities and differences (allowed, allowed or selectively allowed, excluded, or excluded or restricted) or by food type.

Food Table Overview

In addition to the detailed comparison table, a table of generalized similarities illustrates which food types are generally allowed in a therapeutic diet, which food types are generally excluded, and which food types do not fall consistently in one category or the other.

Characteristics of the Diets

The final table is a table that illustrate characteristics of each diet that do not involve the allowed and restricted foods list.

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