• High Consumption of Ultra-Processed Foods Associated with the Development of CD
    Presenter: Chun-Han Lo, MD, MPH

    Summary of Presentation from Healio Gastroenterology

    Presenter: James D. Lewis, MD

    DINE CD, comparing MD and SCD over 12 weeks in 194 adult patients with mild-moderate CD, was presented by Dr. James Lewis from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Patient symptoms reported by CDAI index, quality of life (measured by short IBDQ), as well as important patient reported outcomes of fatigue, pain, and sleep were all significantly improved in both treatment groups compared to baseline at week six. Although patients were not required to have elevated markers of inflammation to participate, among those who did, secondary endpoints of CRP and calprotectin were evaluated at 12 weeks. CRP normalized to <5mg/L combined with >50% decline from baseline occurred in 7.1% of MD and 10.8% of SCD participants, a non-significant difference. Fecal calprotectin reduction to <250ug/g and decreased by 50% from baseline at 12 weeks was achieved in 7.7% of MD and 26.1% of SCD participants, a difference not found to be statistically significant. Dr. Lewis described both diets being well tolerated, including more fruits and vegetables, and both diets were considered an improvement over a baseline diet more typical of Western diet.
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  • Plant-based Diets compared to Western Diets Associated with Lower Odds of Flare in IBD
    Presenter: Berkeley Limketkai, MD, PhD

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    * Preliminary data presented, final publication might differ slightly

  • Dietary Predictors of Biological Activity in Crohn's Disease: A Retrospective Cohort Study
    Presenter: Elaine Chiu, MD BSc(Nutr) RD

    This retrospective cohort study aimed to determine if a diversified or non-diversified dietary pattern is related to biological activity in CD. The study also looked at specific foods and nutrients to determine if they are associated with increased biological activity in CD. The authors found that fruit and leafy vegetable intake at 3 months predicted disease activity, but there was no significant difference found when comparing a diversified vs non-diversified dietary pattern. The authors note that the findings concerning fruits and leafy vegetable intake reinforce the IOIBD 2020 Diet Guideline recommendations.

Nutritional Therapy for IBD

Improving the Care of Patients with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis through Nutrition

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