Resources for clinicians:

Patient Pathway: While the Patient Pathway is designed for patients, it is also a most helpful tool for clinicians, given the insufficient time available to educate and discuss various nutritional therapy options with patients. Directing patients to the Patient Pathway provides an entry point for patients to learn about nutritional therapy to help determine if it is right for them and which forms may be the best fit. This process will prepare patients for a discussion with their physician regarding their interest in including nutritional therapy as part of their treatment plan.

For patients that choose to include nutritional therapy, the Patient Pathway is an educational resource to aid in its implementation. Resource links are provided to research and select the therapeutic diet of their choice; find diet-specific food lists, recipes, and tools to aid in implementing the diet and changing their lifestyle; as well as access support from communities of patients following the same therapeutic diet.

The Patient Pathway is currently being redesigned from the ground up to be a complete lifestyle support platform for IBD patients choosing to implement nutritional therapy and we hope to launch the new platform some time this year.

Informational Resources: Clinician resources begin with our Nutrition in IBD page, and conclude with a thorough list of resources for Clinicians on the Clinician Resource Links page. Clinician resource links can also be found filtered by diet within each of the therapeutic diet pages. Resource links include links to presentations from the experts leading the field in research and implementation of these diets.

Building a Nutritional Therapy Program: Tools for implementing full-scale nutritional therapy services into a medical practice are described on the Nutrition Program page. Resources include: links to training programs, educational services, and continuing education programs, along with ideas for and examples of programs to support patients.

Therapeutic Diet Overview: For those who would like a little more information about each therapeutic diet option, an overview of the features of each diet can be found on our Overview of Therapeutic Diets page.

Patient Pathway

Send your patients to the Patient Pathway for nutritional therapy information, lifestyle advice, and community support:

Nutrition in IBD

Browse publications that establish the connection between diet and IBD and describe the rationale behind using nutritional therapy.

Developing a Nutrition Program

Integrate nutritional therapy into medical practice through existing examples, training programs, and educational opportunities.

Nutritional Therapy for IBD

Improving the Care of Patients with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis through Nutrition

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